Burn marks

Small burn marks or marks caused by nicotine can simply be removed using a scouring agent or an abrasive sponge. Should this give the high-gloss finish a matt appearance, rubbing the surface with a scouring pad will quickly return it to its high-gloss state.


Tougher stains

Tougher stains, caused by food colouring, tea or fruit juice can easily be removed using a bleaching agent (do not leave in contact with the work surface for more than five minutes). Clean the surface with a domestic all-purpose cleaner and rinse with clean water. You can also use a scouring agent on matt finishes. Nail varnish can easily be removed with nail varnish remover (acetone-free) or a scouring agent.

Hot objects

Hot saucepans or pots straight out of the oven or from the hob should not be laid directly on the HI-MACS® surface. Place a mat or board underneath to prevent any damage to your product. If you pour boiling liquids into HI-MACS® sinks or basins, you should also pour in cold water at the same time.


Sharp objects

HI-MACS® copes effortlessly with the wear and tear of everyday life, however pointed or sharp-edged objects can leave cuts or scratches on the HI-MACS® surface. You can repair smaller cuts and scratches without too much trouble but we recommend the services of a professional for especially deep cuts.


General day-to-day stains

HI-MACS® is a completely homogenous material. As it does not have any pores, you can simply and easily clean it with a damp cloth or sponge and a mild detergent. You can also use a domestic scouring agent on all matt finishes. It is also useful to wipe your surface occasionally with a scouring agent or wet sponge to retain the even finish of your product.


Acidic cleaning agents

A number of cleaning agents contain acids, such as methyl chloride or acetone. You should avoid using these on a HI-MACS® surface. Should one of these products accidentally come into contact with the material, as a precautionary measure you should rinse the surface with soapy water to prevent any discolouring taking place.